My late grandma that lived in Nepal and I shared very few memories together. As I am older now, I realise even the memories I still have of her, are fading away. Would it be possible to expand on my existent memories? With my project, I am constructing a new memory of my grandmother and attempting to visualize the phenomenon of fragility in all our memories. Through the method of re-enactment of her habits (performance of a tea ceremony), I aim to show the importance of questioning our memories, as the line between reality and fiction gets blurred more often than we assume. 
Our memories shape what we know to be true - how can the ambiguity between truth and what is remembered be explored? How can we explore the truthfulness of our memories by extending factual stories of a person with imagined memories?
Role: Art Direction + Concept ∙ December 2021 ∙ Minor WdKA

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