'After losing irreplaceable moments on a hard drive, filmmaker returns Robert-Jonathan Koeyers returns with his family  to the locations they visited in 2018 to fill the collective holes in their lives, their memories, and the damaged hard drive.'  
For this project my role was to create a film-plan design for the funding application, that would convey the feeling of this film and give a glimpse of the visuals planed for this project. I wanted to translate the fragmented nature of the film into these visuals, combining objects with photos and textures - resulting in a visual that is in itself a collective archive of memories.
Role: Art Director & Graphic Designer  ∙  Director: Robert-Jonathan Koeyers  ∙ 2024
01. Here are my three initial concepts for the Filmplan Application Cover. We decided to develop the third one further.
02. The Final Cover with the Back and Overview page.

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