The documentary ‘Blood, Sweat and Sparkles’ captures Jamie (“Sparkles”), a roller derby player from the Hague, in an intimate documentary portrait as she reflects upon striving to become a national athlete and how one's ambitious drive can turn into a double-edged sword.
Role: Director  ∙  Rotterdam/the Hague  ∙  2022  ∙  Drempelprijs Nominee: Social Practice​​​​​​​
Concept + Direction  •  Sanya Gurung​​​​​​​
Director of Photography    Jorick Buurstra
2nd Camera  •  Bastiaan de Haas
Intern  •  Somar Yahya

Jamie van der Scheer •  The Parliament of Pain (den Haag)
Flavie Klein  •  Esther Hoeve  •  Eda Emirdag  •  Annemieke Stuij

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